The Slums of Leicester by Ned Newitt

Many people will be unable to recognize the town referred to in this talk as Leicester. The buildings, the streets and the way of life may all seem unfamiliar.

 Between 1932 and 1975, slum clearance changed the face of the city. Vast swathes of housing, close to the centre of town were demolished and new estates, factories and roads took their place. Until then, the slums were home to thousands of people who had to live in conditions that were frequently cramped, unhealthy and sometimes dirty.

 This well illustrated talk will provide a picture of a long vanished Leicester. It will give a glimpse of where and how thousands of poor people lived and will draw on recorded interviews and eye witness accounts. The talk also contains some additional material to that which appeared in the book The Slums of Leicester (Breedon 2009).


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